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Indaband is a music collaboration platform that lets you unleash your musical creativity. With Indaband, you can access a virtual multi-track studio on your smartphone, where you can make music with anyone in the world - from your fans to your idols!

We believe that music is for everyone, and Indaband provides an inclusive and user-friendly platform for expressing yourself through music.
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Recording Experience

All you need is a headphone, your smartphone and the willingness to record yourself having fun while creating music. You can even upload a video from your phone gallery. No need to be a skilled musician.

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Video Studio

Record & mix unlimited video tracks in different sessions and invite your friends to play with you. No need to master complicated DAW softwares or to know anything about sound engineering to get an awesome sound quality.

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Make a Version
and Play Along

Duplicate any session published by any other Indaband's user to your own studio. Add new tracks, invite friends to collaborate, mix it as you like it and share your version with the community.

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through music

All of your sessions and collabs in your own musical profile. Follow people and get notified when they share new music!

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Indaband is the creative music app we’ve been wishing existed for a long time! With each perfectly crafted feature, I’m able to create freely in a judgement-free zone, while getting to collaborate and connect with a network of incredibly talented people who have become like a second family to me. Indaband is like having a pocket recording studio and entire world of musical possibilities at your fingertips.


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I really needed a musical outlet like this. For me, and I’m sure for many others, Indaband is a creative & mental lifesaver. While I tried a few other music app platforms, they really didn’t appeal to me for one reason or another. Indaband has a very user-friendly design and perhaps more importantly, a community of musicians that make you feel welcome and invited into the fold.


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Indaband has been great a way to allow me to diversify from my creative norm. It’s a place where I’m able to create community based off of nostalgic covers, share fresh ideas with others around the world to see what they would add to my music in ways I didn’t see for myself and more importantly - just have fun. It’s easy to use. Whether you’re a professional musician or the passionate hobbiest just playing or singing straight into your phone mic, Indaband is the cutting edge music community app you want to be on.


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