Job Opening - Growth hacker

We are seeking a dynamic, data-driven Growth Hacker to help spread the word about Indaband. You will help us identify, implement, and optimize growth channels to drive user acquisition, engagement, and retention. You'll have an active voice in our growth and communication strategies, and will also assist the product development team in identifying opportunities and fine-tuning priorities.
Growth Loop Management | You will assist in planning, executing, analyzing, documenting results, and consistently iterating on growth loops to enhance user acquisition and retention
Performance Marketing | You'll assist in deploying performance marketing campaigns, leveraging various channels to boost user acquisition and engagement
Community Management | You'll aid in mapping, negotiating with community leaders and brand ambassadors, promoting Indaband, and guiding us toward community-led growth
Customer Development & User Research | You'll aid in maintaining a steady user research workflow, gathering feedback to drive customer development, and using insights to inform and optimize growth strategies
Cross-functional Collaboration | You'll work closely with other teams to ensure that growth strategies align with overall company objectives and that product development and growth are seamlessly integrated
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